Health & Safety Consulting & Training

Your company needs to be compliant with Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations.  Our Health and Safety Consultants and certified trainers can help you reach your goal, with site audits & inspections, recommendations, and Health and Safety training.

Effective Health & Safety Programs and Training can save lives and money

It is often said that Health and Safety training and programs are expensive but, many companies decide to let it slide in hopes that nothing happens.  If an accident happens, they be be faced with an injury or fatality. This may incur larger expenses such as Ministry of Labour fines, WSIB claims, or charges under the OHSA and lawyer fees.

If you are reading this then you have most likely decided your company needs advice or assistance in the realm of Occupational Health & Safety.

The fact is, proactive Health & Safety Programs and Training save lives and money, while increasing productivity. Careful attention to your Health & Safety requirements will improve effective work habits.  This in turn will allow your organization to become more profitable in the long term.

What we can do for You

As your Workplace Safety Inspections & Consulting firm, our qualified consultants study your workplace environment to ensure compliance with regulations; we identify sources of non-compliance, potential hazards, and we develop control strategies.

Why You Need All Safety Consulting

There are many reasons why you need All Safety Consulting for your Health and Safety Needs.   We have listed some key statistics from the 2015-2016 Occupational Health and Safety Reports which clearly define the need for Workplace Health and Safety Consulting and Training.

Health and Safety Complaints

The Ministry received 13, 674 Health and Safety Complaints


1,045 convictions resulting in $9.6 million laid in fines.

Workplace Fatalities

226 workplace fatalities, 72 traumatic fatalities, and 154 Occupational Disease fatalities in 2015-2016

Workplace Safety

Workplaces & Field Visits

There were 74,795 filed visits in 34,284 workplaces in 2015-2016


There were 127,088 orders for non-compliance in 2015-2016.

Occupation Injuries & Illness

There was an avg of 476 claims per day, 51,570 Lost Time Injury Claims, 122,133 No Lost Time Injury Claims and 873 Critical Injury Events reported to the Ministry of Labour.