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Health & Safety Consulting is not just a job, it's an opportunity to save money, time and even lives.

All Safety Consulting is an Occupational Health and Safety consulting company dedicated to providing quality services and products. We are always in search of dynamic Health & Safety Professionals to add to our team. We at All Safety treat employees as professional adults. Novel concept we know but we understand that self directed work is our key to success. Our work environment is one of inclusivity, we all are here to reach the same goal. Our ideas are heard and most are implemented. We are a true team, working together to help our clients achieve optimum safety performance.
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All Safety Consulting engages only dedicated, highly skilled professionals to fulfill contracts or training. Our professionals include former MOL inspectors, experienced Construction, and Industrial safety professionals, as well as qualified safety trainers.

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If this sounds like the work environment you have been looking for email us today at We welcome resumes even when we are not actively hiring. If we are hiring, job postings can be seen here
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