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An essential part of All Safety’s responsibility to our client is to provide quality Health & Safety training for employers and employees.

We believe Health & Safety training is the cornerstone of every successful health and safety program.  We use a performance-based approach to safety education and consulting.  Our approach is designed so our clients can achieve their safety and business goals in a way that they will understand.

We accept cheque, credit card or cash.  Payment is due upon registration.

FEATURED TRAINING COURSE – WORKING AT HEIGHTS – Deadline extended to October 1, 2017

All workers who use fall protection on a construction project must complete an approved working at heights training program. The extension applies only to experienced workers – those who completed fall protection training prior to April 1, 2015 – who are enrolled in a Chief Prevention Officer-approved working at heights training program scheduled to be completed before October 1, 2017.

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The following are some of the in-class training courses we offer.

Standard First Aid Course

Course Length: 14 to 16 hours – 2 days Fee: $125.00 per person Includes CPR Level C & AED (Automated External Defibrillation) Training. This course is required for Ontario workplaces ...
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Emergency First Aid

Course Length: 7 to 8 hours Fee: $115.00 per person Includes CPR Level C & AED (Automated External Defibrillation) Training. This course is required for Ontario workplaces of 1-5 employees ...
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Elevating Work Platforms/Aerial Lift

Course Length: 6.5 hours Fee: 185.00 per person Participants will receive in-class instruction as well as practical training on Elevated work platforms. Instruction will include: Legislation and standards Importance of ...
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Traffic Control – Book 7

Course Length: 6.5 hrs Fee: 165.00 per person Traffic control is mandatory in any area where workers are exposed to vehicular traffic such as highways, roads, subdivisions etc.  In order ...
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Supervisor Competency

Course Length: 8 hours Fee: 145.00 per person Legislation requires that all supervisors be competent in occupational health and safety and applicable regulations.  Our course will inform supervisors of their ...
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Lock Out / Tag Out

Course Length: 4 hours Fee: $85.00 per person Before anyone works on equipment such as conveyors etc. it should be de-energized to ensure no moving parts can be activated while ...
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OHSA and Regulations

Course Length: 4 hours Fee: $75.00 per person Our 4-hour course will allow participants to familiarize themselves with the Occupational Health And Safety Act (OHSA) which is often referred to ...
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Site-Specific Hazard Awareness

This course is completely geared toward your workplace.  One of our consultants will attend your workplace/job site and complete a hazard analysis of all work areas and processes.  A course will ...
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General Health & Safety and the Law

Course Length: 3 to 4 hrs Fee: $85.00 per person Understanding the law with respect to safety is paramount when enforcing any safety program and policies.  In this course participants ...
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Respirator Fit Testing

Fee: $100.00 per person Respirator fit testing is required for mandatory use of all tight-fitting face pieces and recommended for voluntary use. The regulations state that any worker required to ...
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Asbestos Awareness

Course Length: 4 hours Fee: $100.00 per person The Asbestos Awareness program will guide you through all aspects of Asbestos from the hazards that are associated with Asbestos to how to ...
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Confined Space Awareness

Course Length: 8 hrs Fee: $165.00 per person Workers are killed or injured every year while working in or around confined spaces.  It is estimated that 60% of all fatalities ...
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Working at Heights

Course Length: 8 hours Fee: $135.00 per person In association with Start Safe an approved Working at Heights training provider by the Chief Prevention Office, All Safety is offering this ...
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Course Length: 4 hours Fee: $65.00 per person In February 2015, Health Canada released WHMIS 2015 based on the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labeling of controlled products ...
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Course Length: 4 hours Fee: $65.00 per person Our WHMIS course can be geared toward your company and industry sector. This course provides education regarding Legislative requirements, controlled products, classification, supplier ...
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If you would like to register for a course or if the course you require is not listed here please contact us.

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